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STI's Commitment to Privacy


Privacy protection is one of our greatest responsibilities

As with all members of the IQVIA group of companies, we recognize that privacy protection is one of our greatest responsibilities, and we are committed to meeting these responsibilities every day. In carrying out that commitment, we employ a wide range of methods, safeguards, controls, governance models, and privacy-enhancing technologies leveraged throughout the IQVIA global enterprise, but also maintain a body of local policies, procedures, practices, and safeguards that are specifically tailored to our business and to applicable privacy legislation and standards in Canada.


Shared Responsibility

Every member of STI’s work force, at all levels of the company, shares in the responsibility to ensure that our activities meet or exceed industry best practices in the area of privacy protection. To that end, we have created and operate the STI Privacy Committee, which is a formal oversight body made up of key subject matter experts and decision makers from across our organization’s functions and departments, the Committee supervises all of STI’s policies, practices, and procedures in the areas of privacy and information governance. As part of that mandate, the Committee holds frequent scheduled and ad hoc meetings to review, discuss, and provide targeted oversight on the implementation, optimization, and enforcement of our privacy-related policies and procedures in a number of key areas including, but not limited to:


  • The appropriate collection and use of personal information in connection with our services and activities

  • Information security and data access controls, including physical, technological, and organizational elements

  • Personal information retention, destruction, and anonymization

  • Receiving and responding to complaints or requests from regulators and data subjects

  • Cross border transfers of personal information

  • The outsourcing of any collection, storage, processing, or destruction of personal information, including procedures for the selection, vetting, and contracting of service providers

  • Handling and recording of confirmed or suspected confidentiality incidents

  • The conducting of privacy impact assessments

  • Collection and use of sensitive personal information including personal health information and biometrics


Each individual STI employee is also required to sign a detailed confidentiality undertaking upon hiring, and to re-confirm their privacy commitments on an annual basis in writing, as a condition of employment. In turn, our employees are provided with regular trainings, and carefully developed resources and tools, to assist them in understanding and implementing their responsibilities with respect to the protection of personal information.

Review Our Privacy Policies


To learn more about how STI collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information, please consult our main Privacy Policy.


Whether you are a patient, prescriber, pharmacist, client representative, employee, or employment candidate, you may use STI websites, online portals, and web-based services (including our software-as-a-service solutions) to interact with STI, learn about STI and our services, or use our services.


While most of the information you provide us in the process of using those online tools is covered by our general Privacy Policy above, there are also certain specific types of information that we collect during your use of those tools in order to facilitate and manage your interaction with those tools from a technological perspective. In order to learn more about that kind of information, and how we collect and use it, please consult our parent organization’s (IQVIA) Online Privacy Policy. That is also where you will find information about our use of Cookies in our online tools.

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